Help raise £4,000 to buy a “Cough Assist Machine”

** Update ** Just over £300 to go to reach the target set by Bazza West.   Can you help?

Many of our listeners will know Barry ‘Bazza’ West and will know that he has been back in Eastbourne Hospital since before Christmas on a ventilator.

The physios at the hospital have been amazing at helping keep his chest clear and they have been doing this with a machine called a cough assist

This machine is amazing and has saved Barry by keeping his chest clear.

The hospital only have one of these machines, and the family would like to raise the money to be able to get them a second one

This machine can help save lives like Barry’s by keeping the chest clear.

Uckfield FM are pleased to support this appeal by sharing this post on our Facebook page, and would ask listeners and followers to do the same to help the hospital obtain a second machine.

There is a JustGiving Crowdfunding page for listeners wishing to donate.

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