Councillors concern regarding A frame charges and sink holes

The Environment and Leisure committee of Uckfield Town Council met on Monday.

One of the topics mentioned was about information from shopkeepers that a charge was to be made for placing A frame boards, chairs and tables and other items on the paved areas.

Members also discussed the recent ‘sink hole’ in Church Street and issues regarding ‘A’ Frames in the High Street and agreed that the following items be placed on the next SRL agenda:

  1. a) mapping of utility pipes and tunnels in Uckfield;
  2. b) report on the current situation regarding ‘A’ Frame charges in the High Street.   (from council minutes)

It is understood that shops will have to apply for a licence which would cost £130 for two years and if it was a shop with tables and chairs the application fee is £260 for two years. However, applying does not guarantee a licence would be issued

East Sussex County Council spokesperson told Uckfield FM:

“As with all highways authorities, we have a statutory duty to ensure that there are no obstructions or unlicensed objects placed on roads or pavements.   Following an increasing number of complaints from members of the public about obstructions across the county, we now have a dedicated licensing and enforcement officer to manage these issues.

“We appreciate that tables and chairs can encourage a growing café culture, promote business and enhance the life and characters of town centres, villages and other community areas, and our licensing and enforcement officer is happy to discuss options for applying for an appropriate licence with local businesses.”

* A very cluttered area of the High Street* One shop keeper told Uckfield FM. ‘The seats are dangerous and people could fall over them. Perhaps they should be cordoned off’


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