Brand new show on Uckfield FM – The Clubhouse

A brand new show is about to hit the airwaves every Thursday evening at 9pm.

Jared Moss-Coomes and Adam Aucock are business partners and have been friends since school days.

Their new programme ‘The Clubhouse’ takes a lot of preparation and is designed for our younger listeners.

Jared and Adam take up the story:

“When we first met, we didn’t get on very well. In fact I’d go as far to say we flat out didn’t like each other at all. I think we both found the other obnoxious, egotistical and annoying. What we clearly didn’t realise at the time is that we were both right. We were obnoxious, egotistical and annoying (still are, except now we do it together). We both wanted to be the centre of attention and back then we didn’t realise we could team up to become it, so instead we forged a rivalry and competed with sour tastes in our mouths”

“It was only in 2014, when we both substantially older, that we realised that we had similar hobbies and ambitions and that working together would actually be super beneficial for us. This is when we started writing and producing sketch comedy together – it wasn’t good, but it was something. We started working together more and more, connecting and thriving together on a creative level, from sketch comedy to an online morning talk show, from that talk show to school radio. We kept creating more and more, a podcast, Youtube content and silly music videos. By 2016 we realised this is what we wanted to do, we wanted to work together and we wanted to create”

“Jared and Adam’s Clubhouse is a culmination of a lot of creative projects we’ve worked on, it takes an essence of cheekiness from our morning show, it borrows a dash of intrigue from the podcast and it runs with a creative and comedic spark from our sketches. Most importantly, the Clubhouse embodies the relationship we’ve built around having fun and being silly in a way that is hopefully endearing and amusing to you, our future listeners”

Don’t forget Thursday, 11th January at 9pm. On 105FM or via the internet.

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