World of Country – Rex Allen Jr

Rex Allen Jr

This special edition of Paul Hazell’s World of Country included an in depth chat with Rex Allen Jr.

Originally broadcast on Sunday 9 July 2017.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Max McCauley (NZ) Mother Knows Best
Ron Gaddis (US) If The Red Leaves The Roses
Mary Rowan & Rowan DeCourcey (Can) Wrong Number, Right Heart
Rudy Van Dam (Hol) Simple Man
Dave Sheriff & The Brit Pickers (UK) Don’t Come Running Back To Me No More
Faron Young (US) The Yellow Bandana
Bernadette (Ire) Gypsy Boots
Wolfe Milestone (Can) Seasons I’ve Spent With You
Jimmy Tokita (Jap) Crazy Arms
Eddie Tapp (Aus) My Father’s Voice
Doug Beaumier (US) Deep Water
Machiel Grobler (SA) I’ll Be True While You’re Gone
Elton Britt (US) No Letter Today
Grassworks (Can) Ain’t Nobody Cryin’ But Me
Rex Allen Jnr & Snr (US) Texas Plains
Rex Allen Jnr (US) (I Love You) Arizona
Rex Allen Jnr (US) Arizona Waltz
Rex Allen Jnr (US) I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Rex Allen Jnr (US) It’s Over
Rex Allen Jnr (US) Don’t Say Goodbye
Rex Allen Jnr (US) Greenback Dollar
Rex Allen Jnr (US) Ride Cowboy Ride
Rex Allen Jnr (US) Crying In The Chapel
Rex Allen Jnr (US) Don’t Go Near The Indians
Rex Allen Jnr (US) Timber Winds
Rex Allen Jnr & Snr (US) Can You Hear Those Pioneers
Rex Allen Jnr & Snr & Roy Rogers (US) The Last Of The Silver Screen Cowboys

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  • Evelyn Maille

    Paul, I just listened to this show that I missed earlier. WoW!! It was superb! Real great country, which I love!! and when I saw you actually had Rex Allen Jr. on, I couldn’t stand that I missed it. But thank goodness I found it. I met Rex Allen at the Lone Star Ranch years ago, and spent many hours talking to him, and he was such a nice guy. So I went back whenever he was there again. I am missing going into “chat”, I have been sick, and they are having a hard time fixing me. But! As soon as they do I will be back in chat and participating more again. I just loved this show!! I miss you, Paul…I would have love to chat with Rex, although he probably wouldn’t have remembered me, it was years ago. Keep up the fantastic shows. I listen as often as I can. I love Uckfield fm!! Go Country!!! Evy Maille USA

    • Paul Hazell

      I know everyone on the chat room misses you too Evelyn. We look forward to seeing you come back as soon as you are able.

      Thank you for your support – it is through having loyal listeners that we keep the show on the road.

      Get well soon


  • Ron Sicilia

    Ron Sicilia
    i have just been listening to the in depth interview with Rex Allen jr. It was a real education. Where else could we be able to hear all those comments and stories. All the people that have heard the show and there are many world wide must have been overjoyed with the programme. We are so lucky to have a presenter who has the knowledge and know what the listeners would like to hear. Rex Allen jr is a true veteran in the field and we were so fortunate to have him on the programme.. It was one of the most informative programmes Paul has done. I give Paul 10/10. I say to Uckfield fm management. May you continue to broadcast “World of Country” Thank You.

    • Paul Hazell

      thank you Ron – it is regular listeners like you that make it all worth while!

      Rex was a pleasure to interview and that makes the program all the more of a delight to present.