Future Sounds – 10/08/17


Another week means another genre hopping new musical adventure with Martyn Grenfell.

Due to technical issues, this show will not be available on demand.

Music played:

Sam Ray – You’ll Never Know
Stephanie Sounds – Much Better
Jack Found – Sundown
RINNGS – Oceans
Michael James and The Bedheads – Girls Like You
The Ghibertins – The Less I Know The Better
Cat Lundy – Triggerman
Neil and Adam – Oil Fire
LateNight Legacy – I’m An Eagle
The Lotus – Mars-X
Southscope – Selfless
Sean Burke – What Did You Say
Tiffani Juno – Think About It
Fjokra – Bang On The Door
Luiz Bruno – Yeah!
CHVNGES – Mischief Managed
Fos – Captain Free
Puppet Rebellion – Slave
The Clear – Sunlight
Gavin Chappell-Bates – Lovely Day
Elevation Falls – Take Me Back
Hannah Park – Not Like You
Disconnected Genius – We’re All Watching Everything
Houg – The Seas I See
Melissa Manchester – Open Spaces and Gas Stations
The White Russian – B-Child

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