Future Sounds – 30/11/17


November ends with a selection of the finest sounds from the world of new music.

Martyn Grenfell is your guide as usual, don’t forget that over the coming few weeks we’ll be playing a few festive ones (just a few though)..

Music played:

Twin Jackal – Cruel
Amusement Parks On Fire – Our Goal To Realise
Ramona Rose – Grand Canyon
autumn – The Fall
Speak, Brother – Lions Roar
Tall Poppies – Now
Inkfields – Snare Yourself
Sonic Kharma – New Day
The Riverlands – Deliverance
Mind Utopia – Force I Possess
Orfila – Snow, Rain, Hurricane
Vast Asteroids – Sick
Bushwa – Stone Cold
Answer Back – Stay Here
Miniatures – Jessamines
Oscar Bandersen – Running
Andy Cooper – Here Comes Another One
Mellor – You Were Right
LEYYA – Drumsolo
Uppermost – Step By Step
Lawrence Preston – Something For You
Useless Cities – Eyesore
Scarlet Baxter – Skydive
Before Stories – Paper Lanterns
Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra – Winter Sun
Folia – Heart Beat

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