Future Sounds – 20/04/17

Amelia Coburn

Another weekly introduction to new music from genres galore with Martyn Grenfell.

Music played:

S.O.S – Silent Witness

Nuclear Lullaby – Zeus

Mollyanna – Louder

Lover – The Girl I Almost Kissed

Garient – Misery

The Baby Seals – Guuurrrrl

This Human Condition – Breaking The Code

Micah Gaugh – Remembering

Beyond Recall – Get It Right

Mexvin – Online Date

West Of The Sun – Compromise

The Moon Kids – Forever Blue

Cowards – Chosen

Twelve24 – What You Got

Imperial Leisure – Animal

Amelia Coburn – Song Of The Sea Rover

Marie Danielle – Soldier

Blueprint Blue – Bad Dreams

Scott Swain – Like Nothing Else

Kate Grom – Whistle Cry

T.E Yates – Media Machine

iEuropean – Don’t Lose Control

Harrison Bond – Fallen Out Of Love

Someday – Clean Couch

A.G.Q – On The Flo

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