Future Sounds – 13/07/17

The Scaramanga Six

This week’s selection of brand new sounds from Martyn Grenfell taking you around the genre world for a few hours

Music played:

Katalina Kicks – Cold
Dick York And The Originals – Play Again
Emily Barker – Sweet Kind Of Blue
Go Gracious – Shake
The Scaramanga Six – Dirty Subaru
Panda Cult – Blue Angel
Eleven Dollar Bills – Waves
Roi & The Secret People – Drive
Chloe Chadwick – Love Will Find A Way
Vile Assembly – Suicide Feast
Spilt Milk Society – She Tastes Like Summer
Ronnue – 17 Days
Fejka – Ghost Light
Shaz Rahman – Motion Part 1
Lina – Can’t Keep Falling
MissinCat – Mother
Alan & The Big Hand – I Sat Beside Myself Today
Simon Wells – Optimism
Pilgrim’s Dream – Ocean
Oddie Room Project – Do You Know
T.E. Yates – Burning Bungalow
San Eco – OPM
Jack Barnett – Static
Reverieme – Ten Feet Tall

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