Future Sounds – 07/09/17

The Montreals

Ready to discover more new music? We’ve got you covered.

Martyn Grenfell has another stack of selections.

Music played:

Daniel Trigger – Do You Know Who I Am?
Proper Man – Under The Sun
PictureHouse – Cup Of Life
Josh Johnstone – Just What It Is
Hardy – Born Slow
Liam McClair – Hunted
The Montreals – deadheads
Nimfonia – Vicky White
Kaixen – Brand New
Jim Cobra – That’d Be Nice
Leaone – End Of The World
Darto – American Storyteller
Das Fluff – Far Gone
Neil And Adam – Oil Fire
Suffer The Children – Killing Hands
Miracle Four – Fallen Star
Wyen Solo – Facetime
Jermaine Jones – Need You
Tony Steele And The Massacre – A Ballad For Dead Love
Drew Erwin – Tennessee And Me
Cavemouth – Phone
Juxta – The Beautiful Ones
Sunny Sizer – Cold Shadow

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