Future Sounds – 05/10/17


This week’s dose of brand new genre hopping sounds from Martyn Grenfell.

Music Played:

Folie – Sorrow
Days Indoors – End Of The Road
Vullnet Neziri – Victorious
Fuzz – Heart Is Bleeding
Sands – Poison In You
Ni Russell – Daddy I Got You
Jamie Porter Band – A Girl Like You
Matt Hawkins – Steel Ya Blues
Jenn Vix – Complicated Man
RIPL – Of Course I Can
Jhenni – Spirit
Stage Republic – Second State
The Tranquil – Get Up
Joe Dolman – Something Beautiful
Selki – Skins
Arro – Twilight
Becca Byram – Thanks For Lettin’ Me Know
Ryan Vail – Shadows
Chase Emery Davis – It’s In The Mind
Tiger Lilly – Broken Glass
Mike Finnigan – Your Mighty Cause
Maaike Siegerst – Yangtze River Blues
Barry Muir – Salt In The Wound
Dawson Rutledge – Same Old News
Old Fire – Laserbeam

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