Electro-Disco – 14/04/17

Paul Haig

A Good Friday selection of electronic beats, breaks and mash-ups from Jonesy.

Music played:

Hi-Brid – That’s Not Gay (Mashup)

Battery Operated Orchestra – Diamond Feelings

Softwave – Awake But Still Asleep

OMD – Metroland (Metroland Remix)

Rodney Cromwell – Black Dog

Patience – The Pressure

Brutalist Architecture In the Sun – Retail Decay

IT and My Computer – Sur Une Cigarette

Soft Cell – Bedsitter

LorDandMaster – Defy The Distance

Paul Haig – The Only Truth (Inst Vers)

Vanguard – A Different Story

Promenade Cinema – Words Of a Stranger

Meter Bridge – Beta Test (Inst Vers)

Sol Flare – The Hunter

Real Experts – Centre Of Attention

Hands Of Industry – I Swear (Jake Neutron Night Mix)

Tiny Magnetic Pets – Everybody Knows

Zombie Girl – Creature Of Night

Herhuth | Afterdark – Again

Damsel In the Dollhouse – Cupid (Flirty Dirty Sex Groove Mix)

Covenant – HappyMan (Happiness Remix by Seb)

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