Wealden makes online services better, quicker, simpler

On May 17, Wealden District Council is revolutionising the way that its residents can access its services with the launch of MyWealden, a personalised online portal.

“Wealden is fast becoming a digital district; last year we had more transactions made via the Wealden website than by residents phoning us up, and more than half of these customers used a mobile device,” said Trevor Scott, Deputy Chief Executive at Wealden District Council.

“The launch of MyWealden is a big step in our commitment to a digital future. In the long-term all of our services that possibly can be, will be available to access online via MyWealden. This will make it quicker, more convenient and simpler for our residents to contact us. So register your account at http://my.wealden.gov.uk now.”

MyWealden will launch with a range of tasks including reporting that your bin was missed alongside other waste enquiries, requesting removal of graffiti, reporting pollution, property name change, registering an address and more.

It incorporates new functions and technology to provide a better service. It will make reporting locations easier and more accurate as well as simplify making payments and much, much more. As the development of MyWealden progresses you will be able to track the progress of your requests, receive automatic updates and easily look up your account information for services such as Council Tax or Housing Benefits.

MyWealden has been designed specifically to be just as easy to use via smart phones or other mobile devices so you can make requests on the move or at the moment when you see something that needs to be reported.

For a video guide showing a step-by-step guide of how to register for MyWealden search for “Registering for MyWealden” on Youtube.

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