Uckfield Gardeners Club Spring Exhibition

Uckfield Gardeners Club had a great day with sun & blue sky outside to make setting up for the show a much more pleasant experience.

It did quite a lot to lift the spirits when our band of trusty volunteers arrived at the Luxford Centre before most had surfaced from under the duvet. The recent dry weather has meant the tulips & late daffodils looked splendid, so often soaked & spoiled by Spring rain, they were at their best for the judging, it also meant we got a good turnout of exhibitors for our show which is late in the season for favourites such as daffodils.

Geoff Ridley our daffodil & plants judge had quite a task ahead to be able to select the best from such good examples, but he did, and Pauline Brown won the trophy for the most points won in the daffodil classes & flowering plants, two cups to polish this year Pauline. Yvonne Weaver won the trophy for the best vase of flowers. The decorative section for flower arrangements of different sizes contained some very vibrant and imaginative constructions artistically won by Julie Eiloart.

Elsewhere in the show we had classes for photography, judged by Jonathan Close (pictured). The entries this year had increased and the competition was fierce, won by Vernon Clark for his pictures from Along the River Uck and other challenging subjects. Michael Starkey entered a picture of a family dog running through water, and won the Children’s Medal.

The bakers & preservers amongst us pitted their skills over Bakewell tarts, lemon drizzle cake, marmalades, jams & more; Joan Turner walked off with this years trophy. Pat Jones won the Handicrafts section with a very intricate embroidery, natty knitting, & a painting of the river in summer.

Tea & cake was consumed in large quantities, plants were bought for very competitive prices and the tombola was a huge success with well over 25 prizes won.

The club had changed its advertising tactics for the show this year, by using Uckfield FM who ran a series of ads and interviewed the Show Secretary also Duke Letting placed boards all around Uckfield with all the clubs details on them. Their combined efforts brought in many new visitors and the club is hugely grateful to you both.

If you are interested in finding out more please come and join them at the Luxford Centre 7.30pm Thursday 11th May or email Bridget at bsanger9@aol.com or Cathy at info@wahs.eu

Anna Sherwood Cathy Shaw Johnathan Close and Julie Eiloart
Cathy Shaw Sue Harper Johnathan Close and Julie Eiloart

All images by Ron Hill (Hill Photographic)

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