The Uckfield Grand Prix and Churches Together from a child’s point of view!

One little girl called Lucy age 3 and a half had a really great day at the Uckfield Grand Prix and Churches Together fun day.

See what she got up too!

‘I’m nearly ready to go out with grandad’
‘Off we go then’
‘love the play area on West Park’
‘This was fun’
‘My brother came as well with me’
‘Come on lets get on with it’
‘Face painting so much fun and so messy’
‘All done, perhaps Mum wont see the chocolate on my dress’
‘I made a new friend!’


‘I wanted to go on the big bouncy castle but they wouldn’t let me as too young and did you notice I have a nice clean dress on’
‘Now how does all this work!’
‘Thankyou fireman Paul for letting me try you helmet on’
‘He was a bit scary, Charlie had a frog on his head!’
‘I hope they don’t notice but this is my third ice cream today!’
‘Jimmy the jester had some great things to play with’
‘He is still here, but time to go home now’


Images by Mike Skinner











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