Teen Spirit 2017 – Youth Acts and Bands Showcase

Young musicians from Uckfield and surrounding towns entertained an enthusiastic audience of young people and supporters in the Weald Hall.

Youth bands with members aged between 11 and 18 performed. Between 7.00pm and 10.00pm the Civic Centre resounded to the sounds from the collective talent of our young people. There were three cash prizes on offer for the best performers.

The Youth Bands and Music Showcase, ‘Teen Spirit 2017’, began the final weekend of Uckfield Festival in style. Young rock bands from Uckfield, Lewes, Crowborough and Battle were aged between 12 and 18 but the top-rate sound equipment provided by local band leader Dave Backley and the brilliant lighting effects produced from the young members of the Uckfield Community Technology College support group, StarTech provided a professional aura.

Prizes were award by a panel of Dave Driver, Fiona Wallace Carville and Chris Mansell, who complimented the performers for their overwhelming quality and talent. All the judges were impressed by such musical proficiency at such a young age.

Uckfield’s 18-year-old Oscar Richardson was awarded the prize for the Best Individual Musician for his solo with acoustic guitar.

The Wingmen, a band from Battle and Hastings, with ages from 14 to 17 took the prize for the Best Overall Performance and the visiting band from Lewes, Lionsmith, who were only 12 and 14 years old were highly praised by the judges for their sheer professionalism and ability to play so successfully together.

They received the prize for Most Originality for the songs they had written themselves.

Those attending this amazing Festival concert were truly treated to a night of musical talent which demonstrated the very best in our young people and the lovely Luxford Lounge (Non Alcaholc) bar staff Stephanie and Evie who once again did a great job.

Teenage Necessities

Judges Dave Driver, Chris Mansell and Fiona Wallace Carvilleby

Oscar Richardson Winner Best Individual Musician
Oscar Richardson Winner Best Individual Musician
The Wingmen Winners Best Overall Performance
The Wingmen Winners Best Overall Performance
Lionsmith Winners Most Originality
Lonsmith Winners Most Originality
Luxford Bar Staff Stephanie and Evie

Oscar Richardson
Oscar Richardson
Izzy Sutton-Smith and Alice Chapman

Andrea Lobley

Scummy Bears

The Wingmen
Harry Mousley of The Wingmen
Hadlow Hillbilly’s

Max Timlin

Juliane Caina


Teenage Necessities


ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)

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