So much more than just another Show

The Heathfield Show is on Saturday 27th May at Tottingworth Farm, Broad Oak, Heathfield, East Sussex.

There is so much more to see and do at the Heathfield Show than just the normal ‘day out’.

For a start, there will be over 1100 animals at the Show this year. Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Horses, Guinea Pigs – they will all be there. This isn’t the normal animal that you see grazing in the field in its play clothes, these are animals that have their ‘going out’ clothes on, looking their best having had their hair done and their nails polished. These are animals who will be parading around, enticing the judge to vote for them so they can go home with a coveted trophy. It is definitely a sight to be seen.

Additionally, on the Showground, there will be over 200 trade stands selling anything from the latest hand spinner toy (ask a child if you don’t know what this is) to a £250k tractor. From a multi million pound house to a model farm yard calf. The Show prides itself on the diversity of the stands. They need to be seen to be believed and many are offering special show bargain offers.

Two exciting displays will take place during the day. The Monster Trucks will be causing havoc and destruction in the main ring, ripping apart cars using pure force and aggression. This is a noisy display, make sure you’re prepared to be drowned out by engine noise. The other display is a brand new event that we are organising ourselves. We have no idea how it is going to work. Choose a team to support, stand back and shout out your encouragement – The Human Tractor Pull is coming to town!

The Heathfield Show is unique in many ways. We were the first Show in the country to pioneer free programmes for all our visitors. We were one of the first to offer free entry to children 16 and under when accompanied by an adult. And now we hold an annual competition where we offer new businesses to compete for the opportunity of a free trade stand in our New Enterprise Zone area.

As a pioneering Show, many say we are the best one day Show in the South East, we would love to welcome you to our event, which this year is on Saturday 27th May. By purchasing tickets in advance via our website £2 can be saved per ticket.

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