Police arrest two men regarding van thefts across county

Sussex Police have said that two men have been arrested in connection with van thefts

This thefts relate to incidents across East Sussex.

The Wealden area has been suffering from this type of crime for a while now, but not known if any are connected to this.

On 7th November, a 20-year-old man and a 26-year-old man were arrested in connection with 38 counts of theft from a motor vehicle and interference with a vehicle across East Sussex.

Officers said the pair have been released under investigation while an investigation continues.

Police are investigating to see if they are connected to the series of thefts other parts of Sussex.

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  • John Day

    what a waste of time so police bailed them to continue causing misery to self employed and if thieves are migrants like on tv police program they probably will not turn up for bail ….you could not make it up if you tried !!! 38 counts and they walk …Police not fit for purpose …what has someone got to do to actually be remanded as far as I can see nothing short of Murder