One Trek Minds team to walk in South Coast Challenge for Alzheimer’s Society & Prostate Cancer UK

One Trek Minds a team of 8 Ladies from Uckfield, East Sussex are taking on the mammoth challenge to walk the South Coast Challenge.

The team are taking on this incredibly tough challenge of walking 100k leaving Eastbourne early Saturday 26th August and finishing in Arundel on 27th August. The walk will be across all sorts of terrain and all through the night.

One Trek Minds hope to raise over £2,800 by taking part in South Coast Challenge that takes on some of England’s finest scenery – up Beachy Head, over the 7 Sisters, and along the South Downs Way to a Brighton midpoint. Devils Dyke and stunning views lie ahead before historic Arundel comes into view after an amazing 100km journey.

Margaret Dodé-Angel, 37 from Uckfield says

“I decided to challenge myself to take on the South Coast Challenge this year and to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society in the process. I asked if anyone would like to join me and within a week we became One Trek Minds Team. It will be a huge challenge but I am hoping that by raising funds for the charity as dementia impacts upon those with the disease and all those living around them. I see this every day at the day service I run. I also see what a positive impact the Alzheimer’s Society has providing invaluable support, care, information 24hours a day, forums and activities. As well as essential research.”

Donna French, from Uckfield says

“As a Dementia Friend I am really keen to support the Alzheimer’s Society, and when I heard that some friends were fund raising I asked to join the team…….. and then thought about the challenge afterwards! It’s going to be a really tough journey but we have each other for support and encouragement.”

Jackie Love, from Uckfield says

“I am taking on this huge challenge with a hope the monies raised will make a difference for the many that live with this horrible disease. My dearest Mum in Law is living with Dementia at the moment and we’ve seen her go from a clever, kind and amazing mum to someone who struggles to recognise us adults of the family and not know her beloved grandchildren. It’s heart breaking. Also, this disease took two of my dear Great Aunts and saw my dear father and his family struggle to give them a quality of life they needed and deserved.”

Wendy Wheatley, from Uckfield says

“When I saw Margaret’s post in early January, I knew this was the challenge for me. My lovely dad, Norman, was diagnosed over 10 years ago, with frontotemporal dementia. He has gone from a fun-loving dad and grandad who would do anything for anyone to a man who no longer talks or walks or communicates. He lives in a wonderful nursing home surrounded by specialist care, but it is the longest goodbye. The Alzheimer’s Society were a great help to us when he lived at home. They supplied advice, a buddy to take him for walks, a dementia cafe and great classes called ‘Singing for the Brain’ which he really enjoyed. If, by walking 100km, I can give that help to another family who have a loved one suffering with this terrible disease, then all the blisters and aches will be worth it.”
Lynne Ireland, from Uckfield says “After doing the London to Brighton Challenge in 2015 why have I decided to go through it all again on the South Coast Challenge?
I just want to do what I can to raise money to help the Alzheimer’s Society work on a cure for one of the cruellest disease’s we know. I lost my Mum to Dementia when the disease took hold and she had to move into care just over 3 years ago, I then had to go through that loss again when she passed away at Christmas.
If my 100km of mild discomfort (!) can raise a bit of money to help in any small way to prevent others having to go through the same things, then BRING IT ON!”

Joanne Lown, from Uckfield says

“This walk is going to be a huge challenge for me but I am determined to succeed not only for myself but for the Alzheimer’s Society. Having been personally affected by the impact that dementia has on a loved one I would love to raise some money that could be used to help others.”

One Trek Minds will join 2000 others of all ages and backgrounds on this incredibly tough challenge and will put in a lot of time for training.

The team have already had lots of fun training together starting on the snow-covered Ashdown Forest in January and lots of mud on subsequent walks. We have some long and challenging team walks planned every weekend through to a week before the main event in August. As well as individual and small group training throughout the week to complement the team training. We are so lucky to be able to train in beautiful Sussex country side and are discovering new places every week.

Anna says of one of our training walks

“I just kept on reminding myself that if my father can trek over to Brighton every day and have treatment and still carry on being an amazing father and pop pops then I can walk a few silly kilometres!” Anna is raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK.”

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said

We are extremely grateful for the support of everyone like the One Trek Minds team are taking part in the South Coast Challenge in support of the Alzheimer’s Society. Dementia is the biggest health and social care challenge we currently face. It affects over 850,000 people in the UK and can have a devastating impact on everyone affected by it. It is vital that we continue to do all we can to support people with dementia, their families and carers.”

People can support the One Trek Minds team as we take part by sponsoring us, our just giving page here.

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There are still some places left to take part in this amazing challenge, you can find out more here
Alzheimer’s also offer opportunities to take part in other amazing challenges you can find out more here.

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