Holy Cross School celebrates its best OFSTED report in ten years

Holy Cross Primary School celebrated their Ofsted result with a colourful parade in the town last week.

The Church of England school had every reason to rejoice after being awarded their first Ofsted Good in more than a decade and were joined by Uckfield Mayor, Louise Eastwood, for their celebratory cake cutting after the parade.

The Ofsted report, which was received following their inspection in April, said: “the school’s warm, hard-working and inclusive atmosphere ensures that the pupils feel valued, respected and safe”.

It also repeatedly made note of the school’s improvement and success in teaching and learning. The report stated: “Substantial developments in the quality of teaching and learning since the previous inspection have secured marked improvements in pupils’ progress in a wide range of subjects.”

“In English, teachers give pupils frequent opportunities to read a wide range of books and to write for different purposes…pupils enjoy reading and write with increasing confidence.”

While also praising maths teaching: “Good-quality mathematics teaching ensures that pupils are well equipped with key numeracy facts and skills…This ensures pupils develop a secure understanding of mathematical concepts.”

It wasn’t just teaching staff that were praised in the glowing report, leadership and governors were also commended:

“Since her [headteacher] appointment in April 2016, she has lost no time in developing the quality of teaching, learning, behaviour and leadership…The headteacher and her team have secured substantial improvements in the quality of the teaching…pupils of all ages tackle activities with growing confidence, and express themselves with increasing clarity.”

“Governors share the headteacher’s determination to provide the best possible education for all pupils…They hold school leaders rigorously to account for pupils’ achievement.”

To celebrate their wonderful result from Ofsted the school took over the town’s high street on Friday with their parade celebrating the start of a new era at Holy Cross Primary School.

Similar to the Hastings May Day Jack in the Green procession, the parade saw pupils and staff bedecked in green finery and was led by a 10ft tall lady made of willow and wrapped in ivy.

Despite Friday’s rain they even managed to entertain shoppers and shop owners with a rousing sing song halfway up the High Street before carrying on back to school where an indoor picnic was followed by Headteacher, Mrs Dart presenting her staff with a thank you cake for all their hard work.
Mrs Dart said: “We are delighted to have finally got the Good that Holy Cross School deserves. All the staff and children have worked really hard to get this result and I thank them all.”

“I would also like to thank all our parents for supporting us so strongly over the past few years and to our governors who have provided the encouragement we all needed.

“Finally Holy Cross has got the recognition it deserves.”

Mrs Dart Head teacher with Mayor of Uckfield Cllr. Louise Eastwood
Mrs Dart, the Mayor and staff

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