Cardale Memorial now in its new home at Victoria Pleasure Ground

The Cardale Memorial has now been reassembled to it new location beside the car park at Victoria Pleasure Ground in Uckfield.

The memorial had been removed and cleaned up with other new parts added to make it look as it did when it was built. It was located in another part of the car park and was in a state of disrepair.

Derek Tourle, a local Monumental Mason and a team including town council groundsman and ‘Grant Contractors’ moved the pieces into it new position yesterday using a tractor. (Tuesday 5th December)

Derek Tourle, Monumental Mason working on the reconstruction.

All the pieces back together – the area will now be landscaped by the town council.

The original unveiling of the Drinking Trough was made in 1894 to commemorate the life of the Rev. Edward Thomas Cardale (1810 to 1893)

Cardale Monument with thanks to Mick Harker

The Rev. Cardale was the first Rector of Uckfield when the parish church became a church for Uckfield in 1839.

The trough was originally located near to Bridge Cottage near when Boots now stands and was moved to it location at Victoria when the development of that corner took place.

The previous position in Victoria Pleasure Ground car park – Image by Ron Hill

All other images – Uckfield FM

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