Boundary changes for 4 May County Council elections

Following the review of the East Sussex County Council boundary divisions last year, voters in the 4 May County Council elections may find themselves voting for candidates in a new Division.

The changes, announced last September by the Local Government Boundary Commission, mean that every County Division for this election will be represented by just one County Councillor, and there are some new names among the County Divisions including Wealden East and Wealden North East.
The new County Divisions can be seen here

“The name of your County Council Division and your polling station will be on your polling card,”
said Trevor Scott, Deputy District Returning Officer. “You can find a list of the candidates for each County Council Division on the Forthcoming Elections page of the Wealden website.

“A number of polling stations will be taking votes for two or more County Council Divisions. Each Division will have its own ballot box and polling staff. Follow the signs in the polling station to go to the table for your Division. Polling station staff will be happy to help you if you are unsure which Division you should be voting in. Bringing your poll card to the polling station will help.”

“You may also previously have voted for two candidates. This time you will be voting for just one candidate in each County Division.”

The County Council Divisions for the 4 May elections in Wealden Uckfield area are as follows Maresfield & Buxted; Uckfield North; Uckfield South with Framfield.

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