Bonners Primary School Maresfield opens their new playground area

Last month Bonners school received a cheque for £12,000 from the November’s Tesco bags of help funding.

Over the last month the children have watched their new play area change from a grass verge to this amazing active play area for the children at Bonners school and stepping stones preschool.

On Thursday 16th March Matt Ayling Tesco Uckfield store Manager and Julie Foley Tesco Community champion opened the play area with school business Manager Bridget Greenwood and some children of Bonners school.

When the children were asked what they thought of their new playground area they said it was great to have something to play with in the playground and they loved it.

Tesco supports local community groups and charities, if you would like to know more about the bags of help funding visit the website or pop into store for more details.

The bags of help funding changes in May which will allow more localised groups to apply, at present only external applications can be put forward. From May internal and external projects can apply. All information about the changes are on the website.

Will you be one of the next Bags of help winners.

Julie Foley Tesco Community Champion, Matt Ayling Tesco Uckfield Store Manager and School Business Manager Bridget Greenwood


ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)

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