ASLEF members reject Southern deal

Southern Railway

It has been announced that Aslef members have rejected a deal with Southern rail that would have ended the long running industrial dispute.

Members of the driver’s union rejected the deal by 54.1% to 45.9% and the turnout was 72.7%.

Yes: 317 [45.9%]
No:  374 [54.1%]
Papers despatched: 953
Papers returned: 693
Turnout: 72.7%
Invalid papers: 2
Papers to be counted: 691

The proposed agreement would have allowed Southern to run trains without a guard or onboard supervisor under certain circumstances.

Mick Whelan, who is the general secretary of Aslef said:-

“We understand and support the decision arrived at democratically by our members and will now work to deliver a resolution in line with their expectations”

Commenting on the result of the ASLEF referendum result, Nick Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Govia Thameslink Railway, Southern’s parent company, said:

“Naturally we’re saddened and hugely disappointed, as will be our passengers, with today’s decision by drivers, particularly as the agreement carried the full support and recommendation of the ASLEF leadership. We now need to understand the issues which led to this outcome and we’ll be seeking to meet with the union as soon as possible to see how we can agree a way forward.”

On Wednesday, the RMT union announced further industrial action, saying conductors would walk out for 24 hours on Wednesday the 22nd February.

This followed ASLEF announced, on Thursday 2 February, that it had reached an agreement with Southern Railways.


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