General Election 2017

The 2017 General Election takes place on Thursday 8th June

The candidates for the parliamentary seat of Wealden are as follows

Chris Bowers – Liberal Democrat

Angela Smith – Labour

Nusrat Ghani – Conservative

Nicola Burton – UKIP

Colin Stocks – Green Party

The Candidates have all agreed to take part in a radio hustings at Uckfield FM on Friday 26th May at 10.30

They have all spoken individually and put their case forward below

Nus Ghani, The Conservative candidate will be talking with Tony Williams on Wednesday 24th May at 10.30

Friday 19th May, Nicola Burton, UKIP Candidate spoke with Tony Williams

Friday 19th May, Angie Smith, Labour Party Candidate spoke with Tony Williams

Friday 12th May Colin Stocks, Green Party candidate spoke with Tony Williams

Monday 8th May Chris Bowers, candidate for the Liberal Democrats spoke with Tony Williams

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