Surviving Cancer without Chemicals

Kate Shemirani

Kate Shemirani is a nurse who suffered breast cancer and won without Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy.

Speaking with Tony Williams she tells her amazing story of survival.

Kate will be holding a seminar entitled “Censored for Curing Cancer” at the East Sussex National Hotel on Saturday 12 November from 1pm to 5pm.

Tickets will be available on the door or from

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  • Marion Brown

    Wonderful woman, incredibly knowledgeable and should be respected for it. She wants people to live better healthier lives by being aware of the level of toxity we are exposing ourselves to. I have also read of the success of healing though ‘clean foods’.

  • Sam

    What an absolute load of nonsense.

    • Philip Nixon

      This nonsense Sam also cured my Dad’s terminal Lung Cancer, 2 years ago he was told he had 4 – 6 months to live. He followed Kay’s advice and two years later he has now been told that his Cancer has died and is no longer terminal !

  • Philip Nixon

    Well done Kay

  • ATrop

    The pharmaceuticals companies are making a fortune? How about how much the Gersen clinic charges PER WEEK? Over £5000 A WEEK. So it’s wrong to fund pharmaceuticals (who spend the majority of profit on funding further research) but it’s fine to line the pockets of fraudulent pseudo medics, making claims based on NO EVIDENCE and anecdote only. It certainly looks like Kay isn’t chemical free… Check out that fake tan, bleached hair and teeth… OH.. and she had surgery? Her cure is nothing to do with that then?!

    • pbf

      In the united states these “drugs” are covered by insurance companies because they’re lobbied in legal support. That said, my wife followed the traditional approach with breast cancer treatment undergoing 3 planned surgeries. Complication 1 in first surgery was bleeding and had to go back for emeergency surgery. Procedure three she developed and Ileus and had to hospitalized again. Fortunelty, only monitoring, fluids and pain meds for 24 hours b/c we stayed on top if it. Anyway, the point is Vickers is $5000/week. The last surgical procedure alone was $168,000 in the hospital costs and do not even have the Drs. bill, etc. yet.

      You might want to check out Dr. Colin Campbell’s China Study and Dr. Ellystein’s work on how to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.

      Health care costs in the US is an exceptionally large percentage of the GDP and national debt. This could be virtually eliminated down. I would venture 95% based upon my over 10 years in critical care, molecular biology and 30 years of research.

      • ATrop

        “Drugs”? Why is that in inverted commas? If you think the Gersen therapy is such good value why didn’t your wife use that instead? Was it perhaps because it wouldn’t work? Personally, I’d rather have a bill of 168k and my life than die of cancer paying into a “therapy” sold with absolutely zero evidence base. My issue here is not to do with relative cost (I certainly agree medical expenditure in the US is horrendous), but to do with relative evidence base (or lack thereof).

        I’m well aware of the China study… and for someone who claims 10 years of molecular biological experience and 30 years of research, I’m amazed you would reference such utter garbage. Clearly your critical appraisal skills are lacking – in what world is whole cholesterol a valid proxy for meat consumption? Along with a whole reem of study design and analysis issues…

        As for CVD – it’s not quite cancer is it. I’m not familiar with the work you’re referring to, but I’m certainly aware of the scientific literature and evidence surrounding CVD prevention, risk reduction and the impacts of general health improvements on CVD prognosis.

        But as an epidemiologist, I’m open to be proven wrong. Anecdote and advertising mean nothing, give me a well designed clinical trial published in a peer reviewed mid to high impact scientific journal, run without self-affirmative referencing and no conflict of interest, that can be repeated and shows any hint of a dose response between coffee enema/juicing and cancer cure rates, and can be underpinned by a valid biological/physiological theory and I’ll eat my words, as well as my hat.

        Until then, I vehemently oppose any advocate of this quack therapy that prey on desperation in the terminally ill and their relatives… personally, would you trust a company that actively advises breaking child protection laws, and has disclaimers regarding medical impact and advice throughout its advertising materials??