The Uckfield FM Festival Players

During this year’s Uckfield Festival we’re going to be trying something a little different, something which we don’t believe any other local community radio station has attempted to do in quite the same way.

We invited a number of people to submit to us a selection of short 5 -15 minute radio plays, which a group of local amateur and professional actors then got together to record, here at our Uckfield FM studios.

We’ve been delighted at the response, with plays of all kinds being sent in by all sorts of people. These mini-plays are currently being edited and prepared for broadcast at 1.30pm each weekday during the Festival, that’s between Friday 10th and Friday 17th July. So be sure to listen out for them. They will also be available to listen to again, here on this page, after they’ve been aired.

As this is rather new territory for us to embark on, we thought we might have a go at producing one, longer play to “cut our teeth on”, prior to producing the mini-plays for the Festival itself. This was a lot of fun for all of us to do, but probably even more ambitious than the shorter ones we’ve subsequently gone on to record. Nevertheless, we’d like you to have a listen.

IMG_4448Here is the world premier of a clever little piece entitled “The Saxon Conquests”, written by a gentleman from East Grinstead, Mr.Stephen Fallowell. This play has, as you are about to discover, significant local relevance!Hopefully this will give you a bit of a flavour of what’s to come during this year’s Festival….and we’d really like your feedback on our efforts. So do take a listen and let us know what you think…..


Grow boy friendThe second of our plays was written by Julie Sleightholme.“Grow Your Own Boyfriend” may be a tiny hunk, but he grows in water to become a slightly larger sized pocket “other half”. He doesn’t snore or answer back, never argues, always agrees, and will never judge you on your gorgeous shoe collection. This is the perfect companion… or is he?


washing-line2How do you feel about having to do the washing? Is it a chore, or something that doesn’t bother you?In this play “Washing”, from Louise Flind, her character, Sarah, finds that it causes a bit of a dilemma…


debate-cartoon1-230x198We may have heard a lot of political discussion recently, but maybe not about some of the issues occuring in the constituency of “Upper Thyroid”, raised by author Dave Comeau in his play, “Election Debate”.Presenter, Beryl Inkydabber, introduces the contributors …..


cats-240x221“Cat Lady” is the second play written for the Uckfield Festival by Julie Sleightholme.Now in her 80s, Eve has spent a lifetime in fashion and is visited by a fan, looking for an interview…..


theatre-masks“Too Many Words” is another play from Stephen Fallowell, written especially for Festival week.A successful West End producer and director meet with a playright in order to try and discuss a few suggestions they have for his latest “masterpiece”!


chess_pieces_3The last of our plays for the Uckfield Festival is authored by Bernard Tagliavini.Called “A Chequered Life”, it may create a slightly different “take” on a very popular game.



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